Message from the Conference Chairman

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute (KOSORI) at Pusan National University (PNU), Busan, Republic of Korea, it is my pleasure to cordially invite you to participate in IMPLAST 2019, the 12th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics, being held in Busan, the largest port city in the Republic of Korea.

The IMPLAST series of symposia owes its birth in 1973 to Prof. N. K. Gupta who needs no introduction for his outstanding contributions to the field of plasticity and impact mechanics. Under his mentorship and inspiring leadership, the symposium has been held regularly in a number of countries around the globe namely India, Australia, Germany and the USA. IMPLAST 2019 is being held in the Republic of Korea.

IMPLAST Symposia are attended by scientists, engineers and researchers from universities, scientific laboratories, and industries covering a wide geographical footprint to share their latest research findings in fundamental and applied aspects of large deformation and failure of materials as well as structures resulting from quasi-static and extreme loading conditions such as due to impact, blast, earthquake, fire, etc.

In addition to providing a platform for sharing the latest developments in plasticity and impact mechanics, these symposia have proven instrumental in building and strengthening lasting relationships between the participating scientists.

The weather in Busan in September and October is especially pleasant, and the organizing committee will arrange for entertaining sightseeing tours and cultural events.

We look forward to welcoming you in Busan for attending IMPLAST 2019, and for the joy of meeting old friends and making new ones.

Prof. Jeom Kee Paik,
Dr. Eng., Dr. h.c. (Univ. of Liege), CEng, FRINA, LFSNAME
Editor-in-Chief, Ships and Offshore Structures
Pusan National University, Republic of Korea; University College London, UK

Message from the Chairman of the International Scientific Committee

On behalf of the International Scientific Committee, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the IMPLAST 2019, the 12th symposium to be held in South Korea on the general topic of plasticity and impact mechanics. This successful series of symposia was founded in 1973 by Professor Narinder K Gupta of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Earlier eleven symposia on the subject have been held over the years in India, Australia, Germany and the USA.

The plasticity and impact behaviour of structures and various components and systems is a challenging area, not only because of the obvious time-dependent aspects in many problems, but also because of the difficulties in specifying the external loadings and the connection characteristics for structural designs and hazard assessments, and in obtaining the properties of materials under various conditions. Thus, it is important to recognise and utilise fully the contributions and understanding emerging from theoretical, numerical and experimental studies, all of which are welcome at IMPLAST 2019.

It is evident that the subject matter of this conference is an active and important research field, with many important industrial applications. The IMPLAST meetings have been particularly successful with a wide range of participants from throughout the international community. These meetings have contributed to the growth of the subject and have enhanced the potential interaction between the various research programmes presented. These meetings encourage and motivate many research workers and designers to apply the ideas presented to new practical problems, and contribute, in due course, to our better understanding of plasticity and impact mechanics to the benefit of the worldwide community.

We look forward to learning of your recent research contributions to plasticity and impact mechanics at IMPLAST 2019.

Prof. Norman Jones,
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Impact Engineering
University of Liverpool, UK

Message from the Founding Chairman

I feel great pleasure in joining Prof. J. K. Paik, Prof . N. Jones and the organising committee in inviting you to be with us and participate in IMPLAST 2019, the 12th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics.

IMPLAST series of Symposia with its beginning in 1973, gained a tremendous momentum over the last four and half decades for the complexity of the subject it deals with and has been held at regular intervals in number of countries spanning multiple continents around the globe, including India, Australia, Germany and the USA.

The richness of IMPLAST is further enhanced as it moves for the first time in 2019 to one of the foremost technology leaders in Asia, the Republic of Korea.

IMPLAST has all along been well attended and has over the years provided forum for vital exchange of ideas among the participating scientists from across the globe and building lasting relationships between them.

We look forward to meeting with you in IMPAST 2019, and hope that you have a very pleasant and useful stay in Busan, a highly known cultural and educational centre and for its famous beaches and mountains.

Prof. Narinder K. Gupta,
PhD, Dr. h.c. (Russ. Acad. Sci.), FNA, FNAE, FNASc., FIE, FAeSI, HMWIF, HMISIE, FTWAS
Recipient of PADMASHRI
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Publication of Manuscripts

Presented papers shall be published in a citation indexed international journal.

Revised and expanded versions of the manuscripts will be considered for publication in special issues of reputed international journals such as International Journal of Impact Engineering, Ships and Offshore Structures, Thin-Walled Structures and some other reputed international journals, after their review process.

  • *Note: The author whose abstract has been accepted will be required to pay the registration fee. One registration would cover publication of one manuscript.
29 Sep. 2019 (Sun.) – 3 Oct. 2019 (Thur.)
Conference Chairman
Prof. J.K. Paik
The Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute, The International Centre for Advanced Safety Studies (The Lloyd’s Register Foundation Research Centre of Excellence), Pusan National University, Republic of Korea (jeompaik@pusan.ac.kr)
ISC Chairman
Prof. N. Jones
University of Liverpool, UK
Founding Chairman
Prof. N.K. Gupta
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Key Dates
Submission of Full Paper:
30th April, 2019
31st July 2019